Even though Foxtale has fox in its name, it's based off a maned lion cub.


Foxtale only appears in Protomon Generation 1.


Foxtale evolves into Foxpaw at level 16, learning the Normal type move Shed.

Protodex Entry

"Foxtales, when cold, wrap their tail around their body to heat up. They are extremely cute.

Possible Moves

Name Type Type 2 Move Type Level Learned Description
Warm Grip Fire Physical 1-6
The Opponent is gripped by a flaming tail, lowering its defense.
Heat Up Fire Other 1-6
Foxtale raises the heat, causing the air to become stuffy.
Swift Nibble Normal Physical 1-6
Foxtale swiftly bites an object and returns with blinding speed.
Warm Blanket Normal Fire Special 1-6
Foxtale heals half the amount missing (rounding up).
Tail Embrace Normal Physical 7-13
The Opponent is embraced by a tail and lowers its defense.
False Alarm Normal Physical 7-13
Foxtale pretends to run away and then returns and hits the opponent.
Purr Normal Sound Overworld 14-15
Lowers the opponents attack. Can be used to enter a Taste Contest outside of battle.
Shed Normal Other 16-22
Foxtale sheds part of its coat, reducing its weight, increasing its speed by how many Protomon left in your party.
Omega Shift Normal Eldritch Other 23-Higher Than 23
Moves so heavily that it causes a storm.


Mainly given to you from May, but can be found at the Psycore Lab.