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Slythe The Blade
• 6/1/2017

Pokemon Fusion Give Outs

Hi, I'm the Head of the Protomon Wiki, and if you want a Pokemon fusion, just ask, but please keep it not over 12 Pokemon.

Also, if you want, I can do a Protomon Fusion, but it might take a while.

I've been working on Protomon cards, but there's something like 1342 Protomon.

I'll be working on this at least 3 days a week, so be on the lookout for new pages!

Since this is my recent creation, expect there to be a missing link, or maybe a missing page.

Please do not make fun of me, and have a good day!

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Slythe The Blade
• 6/15/2017
Oh, also, I forgot to mention that you can request a Mega Evolution of any Pokemon, just please no Digimon. I can't find any Digimon pictures anywhere!

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